Monday, January 25, 2010

[Now Available] 100 Street Vendors of the City State

Wilderlands of High Adventure
100 Street Vendors
of the City State

Official Gaming Aid Designed and Approved for use with

Castles & Crusades
By James Mishler

This 64-page booklet is the first expansion for the City State of the Invincible Overlord since the release of the Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State adventure in 1981. It includes 100 street vendors selling everything from rat-on-a-stick and pastries to used weapons and second-hand slaves. Each description includes the stats for the vendor, NPC details, descripton of the vendor's wagon or cart, price list of goods and services, cash box contents, NPC disposition, and one or more rumors.

Here is the complete list of vendors:

Advertiser, Animal Trainer, Apothecary, Armor-by-the-Piece, Armor-Repair-While-You-Wait, Artist, Astrologer, Barber, Barber, Baskets, Bone carvings, Bookseller, Candles & Torches, Unholy Candles, Carpets, Charcoal & Firewood, Clothing (Boots & Bits), Clothing (Cloaks & Tunics), Clothing (Belts & Baldrics), Clothing (Exotic), Clothing (Furs), Clothing (Gloves), Clothing (Hats), Clothing (Hose & Pantaloons), Clothing (Masks), Clothing (Pants & Trews), Clothing (Shoes), Dancer, Dentist, Drink (Ale), Drink (Ale), Drink (Beer), Drink (Beer), Drink (Wine), Flowers, Food (Bread & Pastries), Food (Dried Meats), Food (Fresh Fish), Food (Fresh Fish), Food (Fresh Meats), Food (Fresh Meats), Food (Fresh Vegetables & Grains), Food (Fresh Vegetables & Preserves), Food (Hot Tamales), Food (Iced Treats), Food (Khalav Khalash), Food (Live Animals), Food (Pastries), Food (Pastries), Food (Trail Rations), Fortune Teller, Gambler, Gambler, Used Glassware, Dearthwood Guide, Harlots, Healer, Herbalist, Insect Trainer, Interpreter, Costume Jewelry, Quality Jewelry, Laborers, Lamps, Locksmith, Massages, Messengers, Moneychangers, Moneychanger, Musical Instruments, Oil, Peddler, Perfumes & Soaps, Pipeweed & Diversions, Pipeweed & Diversions, Pipeweed & Diversions, Poet, Potions Salves & Nostrums, Rags, Rope & Twine, Rugs & Tapestries, Sage, Scribe, Scribe, Slaves for Rent, Slaves for Sale, Spices, Magical Stones, Street Preacher of Loki, Street Preacher of Mycr, Tailor: Clothing-Repaired-While-You-Wait, Tattoo Artist, Tinker, Imported Tools, Torches, Clockwork Toys, Imported Weapons, Second-Hand & Surplus Weapons, Wigs, and Wood Carvings

Also includes a complete index of vendors by usual streets, markets, and city quarters locations, random vendor tables by market and district, and guidelines for haggling with vendors and for transforming street vendors into full-fledged establishments in the City State.

AGP06201, 64-page 5.5" x 8.5" digest booklet, $12.00 US MSRP

Cover color may vary; please note that the right edge of the booklet is not trimmed.

A PDF version of this product will be released sometime in late February or early March.

Postage & Handling is $2.00 for US, $2.50 for Canada (add $0.50 S&H for each additional booklet), $5 for UK, Europe, and Australia (add $1 S&H for each additional booklet). Contact us for shipping rates for elsewhere, or for bulk discounts for shipping large quantities. As these are produced only upon order, please allow at least two to four weeks for delivery in the US and Canada, plus another week or so for UK, Europe, and Australia.

Send check or money order made out to James Mishler to:

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Random AGP Update

E-mails have now been sent out to all subscribers. The email includes your current subscription page credit total, information on the status of Adventure Games Publishing, and a note about the release of Campaign Installment #2: 100 Street Vendors of the City State.

Note that I am unfortunately about three to five days behind on completing 100 Street Vendors; I hope to have an announcement of it being ready for sale no later than the end of the week.

One thing I will say... this is the LAST "100 This, That, or The Other" books I am going to be doing for quite some time! They definitely fall under the "biting off more than you can chew" category. This sucker is 64 pages, the high limit of want I can print with home publishing, and is at 8-point font throughout! At that rate, it is easily the equivalent of a 48 to 60 page normal-sized book by word count. From now on I am going to limit myself a bit more on how much I pack into a booklet... 32 to 48 pages at the most, or thereabouts, with 10-point font. Never say never, but...

Anyhoo, that's the current update. If you are a subscriber and did not get an e-mail from me, please contact me!