Monday, December 21, 2009

Auction Results and Further Sales

Well, the auction for the Byrny Royal Herald went to a lucky winner for $50, with no competition for the bid. Cest la vie.

As for the remaining items, as our car repairs were even greater than expected, I'm dropping the prices...

The Temple to Athena (Dimension Six #1003), Fair-Good, was $25... now $15
The Second Adventure: The Nine Doctrines of Darkness (Dimension Six #1006), Fair-Good, was $25... now $15
Furioso (Dimension Six #1008), Good, was $35... now $25
Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age (FGU), Good-Very Good, Map and Card included, was $50... now $40
Central Casting: Heroes of Legend (TFG #8542), Poor, was $40... now $30
The Serpent Islands (North Pole), Fine, was $30... now $20

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Byrny Royal Herald Auction and Other Stuff

Up for auction: one of my two remaining copies of the Byrny Royal Herald. The prior six remaining copies each went for $50 back in January. I decided to keep two for myself; at this point, however, our car needs a major overhaul more than I need that second copy. And making this auction EXTRA special, the winner of this copy will get:

The ORIGINAL, hand-drawn map of the Byrny region! A one-of-a-kind item! PLUS

The ORIGINAL four central pages, which the material of which was cut and taped onto 11" x 17" sheets for copying and printing. Each has material on one side. One sheet has the ORIGINAL hand-drawn maps for the "Tomb of the Tax Man" adventure, along with the OGL pull-out section of the module; the other sheet has the copy of the Byrny Area map with the taped-on names, along with the taped-on gazetteer material. One sheet is a little frazzled, but that's to be expected as these were sitting in a closet for most of a decade...

The auction runs through noon Central time, Monday December 21st. Bidding starts at $50; buyer is responsible for shipping and handling. Send in bids to I'll be posting the high current bid every day, save on Sunday; Monday I'll post the current high bid at ~9:30 am and final bids due at noon. Payment is due within 24 hours via Paypal.

Final Bid: $50, Bidder #1
Number of Bids: 1

I also have the following items for sale:

The Temple to Athena (Dimension Six #1003), Fair-Good, $25
The Second Adventure: The Nine Doctrines of Darkness (Dimension Six #1006), Fair-Good, $25
Furioso (Dimension Six #1008), Good, $35
Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age (FGU), Good-Very Good, Map and Card included, $50
Central Casting: Heroes of Legend (TFG #8542), Poor, $40
The Serpent Islands (North Pole), Fine, $30
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia (TSR #1071), Good...ish, $60

Simply e-mail me if you want any of the above items. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling. Payment required within 24 hours by Paypal.

Also keep an eye on the Adventure Games Publishing catablog... check out our Clearance Sale!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Books For Sale...

... as in novels and compilations of short stories and such. Most of the books are well-read; none are of collector status. As usual, the buyer pays shipping costs.

NOTE: ALL books have been sold!

Brak the Barbarian (Jakes) $1.00
The Chronicles of Riddick (Foster) $3.50
Empire of The East (Saberhagen) $3.50
The Fantastic Imagination (Anthology) $2.00
Lord Darcy: Murder & Magic (Garrett) $2.50
Lord Darcy: Lord Darcy Investigates (Garrett) $2.50
Lord Darcy: Too Many Magicians (Garrett) $2.50
Pitch Black (Lauria) $3.00
To Reign in Hell (Brust) $3.00
The Second Book of Swords (Saberhagen) $1.50

Science Fiction
Alongside Night (Schulman) $1.50
The Battle of Forever (Van Vogt) $1.00
Between Planets (Heinlein) $1.00
Beyond This Horizon (Heinlein) $1.00
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (Heinlein) $4.00
The Green Hills of Earth (Heinlein) $1.00
I Will Fear No Evil (Heinlein) $3.00
Job: A Comedy of Justice (Heinlein) $2.50
The Number of The Beast (Heinlein) $4.00
The Past Through Tomorrow (Heinlein) $3.00
The Rolling Stones (Heinlein) $1.00
To Sail Beyond the Sunset (Heinlein) $4.00
Starman Jones (Heinlein) $1.00
Time Enough For Love (Heinlein) $4.00
V [The Miniseries] (Crispin) $3.00
The Voyage of the Space Beagle (Van Vogt) $1.00
Waldo & Magic, Inc. (Heinlein) $1.00

Afterwar (Morris) $1.50
Ashes: Anarchy in the Ashes (Johnstone) $1.00
Ashes: Blood in the Ashes (Johnstone) $2.00
Ashes: Survival in the Ashes (Johnstone) $2.00
Death Lands: Neutron Solstice (Axler) $1.50
Death Lands: Red Holocaust (Axler) $1.50
The Guardians #6: War Zone (Austin) $1.50
The Guardians #7: Brute Force (Austin) $1.50
The Guardians #8: Desolation Road (Austin) $1.50
Hardwired (Williams) $2.00
No Blade of Grass (Christopher) $1.00
The Phoenix #1: Dark Messiah (Alexander) $2.00
The Phoenix #2: Ground Zero (Alexander) $2.00
The Phoenix #3: Death Quest (Alexander) $2.00
The Phoenix #4: Metalstorm (Alexander) $2.00
The Phoenix #5: Whirlwind (Alexander) $2.00
Pure Blood (McQuay) $1.50
Pure Blood 2: Mother Earth (McQuay) $2.00
Roadblaster #1: Hell Ride (Hofrichter) $2.00
Roadblaster #2: Death Ride (Hofrichter) $2.00
Roadblaster #3: Blood Ride (Hofrichter) $2.00
The Survivalist #1: Total War (Ahern) $2.50
The Survivalist #2: The Nightmare Begins (Ahern) $2.50
The Survivalist #3: The Quest (Ahern) $2.50
The Wild Shore (Robinson) $1.50
The Winter of the World (Anderson) $1.00
World Enough, And Time (Kahn) $1.50

Battlestar Galactica (Larson & Thurston)
Battlestar Galactica #1 $1.50
#2: The Cylon Death Machine $1.50
#3: The Tombs of Kobol $1.50
#4: The Young Warriors $1.50
#5: Galactica Discovers Earth $1.50
#6: The Living Legend $2.00
#7: The War of the Gods $2.00
#8: Greetings from Earth $2.00
#9: Experiment in Terra $2.00
#10: The Long Patrol $2.00
#11: The Nightmare Machine $2.00
#12: "Die, Chameleon!" $2.00
#13: Apollo's War $2.00
#14: Surrender the Galactica! $2.00

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cascading d6 System for B/X & etc.

Just wanted to jot something down while I was thinking about it...

Fiddling with some B/X things here and there and had a sudden inspiration for building a system of skills and actions based on the classic d6. You know, "1 in 6 chance of finding a secret door," "1 in 6 chance of listening at doors," "1 in 6 chance of sneaking past the guards" and, more importantly, how to make it more granular.

I dunno if I've ever seen it done anywhere else before or not, but a sudden idea came to me of how to expand the possible range of "skill levels" beyond the "5 in 6 chance" of success... adding one or more "cascade dice" to continually improve the "skill" levels of characters. The way it works is this...

Skills are ranked, at their basic level, at 1 to 5, which is the chance of success on a d6. Then, at more skilled levels, the skill can be rated as 5+1, or 5+5, or even 5+5+5. If you have a skill of 5+1, this means that if you roll a 6 on the first die, normally a failure, you can roll again and, if you roll a 1, you succeed. Similarly, if you have a skill of 5+5, and roll a 6 on the first die, you roll the second die and succeed on a roll of 5 or less.

Someone with some real skill please check my math...

Skill 1 = ~17%
Skill 2 = ~33%
Skill 3 = 50%
Skill 4 = ~67%
Skill 5 = ~83%
Skill 5+1 = ~86%
Skill 5+2 = ~89%
Skill 5+3 = ~91%
Skill 5+4 = ~94%
Skill 5+5 = ~97%
Skill 5+5+1 = ~97.5%
Skill 5+5+2 = ~98%
Skill 5+5+3 = ~98.5%
Skill 5+5+4 = ~99%
Skill 5+5+5 = ~99.5%

So, presuming you top out a skill check at 5+5+5, even the most skilled person will faill on a 6-6-6 roll... which seems somehow appropriate!

And one need not roll lots of dice in succession... even if a character has 5+5+5 in a skill, all three dice can be rolled at once, as long as player and Dm understand which different colored dice are which... red the 1st die, white the 2nd die, blue the 3rd die, with the second die only mattering if the first is a 6, and the third, similarly, only of importance if the first and second are both 6s...

With this kind of skill system, you can get rid of percentages and just use d6s.

You can add bonuses and penalties to base skills based on attribute bonuses and penalties, or situational modifiers, and so forth. If a skill goes less than zero, it can expand down, too...

On a Skill 0 or less, roll again if you roll a 1...
Skill 0 = succeed on 5 or less = ~14%
Skill -1 = succeed on a 4 or less = ~11%
Skill -2 = succeed on a 3 or less = ~8%
Skill -3 = succeed on a 2 or less = ~5.5%
Skill -4 = succeed on a 1 or less = ~3%
Skill -5 = If you roll a 1 on the second die, roll a 3rd die, succeed on a 5 or less = ~2%

And so on...

Thieves' skills, opening doors, arcane lore for wizards, decipher script for bards... secondary skills, anything, really, can be determined using this system. For thieves, for example, I'd go with the base chance of 1 or 2 on all skills, maybe a 4 on Climb Walls, and each level starting with 1st the character improves four skills by 1 point, giving the character variety.

You can also add bonus skill training or such at a granular level. A fighter, for example, might get "+1 to bend bars and lift gates" in general and +1 to "bend iron bars," getting a total from these bonuses of +2 to bend iron bars.

That's about it, really... hope someone finds this useful. I already have plans for it...

Oh, still on hiatus, otherwise...