Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Dreaming Games

I'm trying to get this down while the dream is still fresh and has not yet faded, so it won't be very coherent...

The dream started in Washington, DC, where my friend Al and his brother Scott and I were trying to thwart an invasion of intelligent giant rats.

Seriously. This is about par for course for my dreams.

So there we were, in the Capitol Building, in the giant room under the dome (the one that looks like the Senate hall from Star Wars, which isn't really there) where all Congress meets, and we were trying to get the Congresspeople to flee as invasion was imminent and giant rats were hissing in the shadows, when the super-mega-kamehameha-giant rat in the form of giant Condoleeza Rice burst forth through the floor, reared up to her full height (which touched the top of the dome, even though she was only half out of the giant hole in the ground), hissed at us all, then swooped down and ate everyone in one gulp.

Fortunately, Al, Scott, and I had The Perfessor with us (not The Professor from Gilligan's Island, this was The Perfessor, another fellow entirely), and he also got et. He MacGuyvered a method to slice open the Super-Giant Condi Rat using a long rubber band and a paperclip, and everyone slid out to safety.

After that bit of excitement, Al was able to get a job at the Capitol working as a guard at the arcade next to the movie theater (yeah, Congress has the good life). I went to the movie theater to hang out, but couldn't find anything I wanted to watch. Al asked if I wanted to get a job instead, and I said yes. So we went back to Indiana, where he used to work as a guard for an old storage facility.

So we were wandering around the storage facility... it was old, ancient, one of these places that was built out of old barns and shacks, rather than the new places built specifically as storage facilities. Piled here and there haphazardly between the locked-up buildings were old books and boxes; most of them were crap, but a few were very interesting. One, for example, was a box that, from the cover, apparently once held a Dungeon Master's Design Kit. Not that 2nd Edition card game kit; this was for AD&D 1st Edition, had a physical design in the same fashion as the original DMG, and had Sutherland and Trampier art on the box... it was a classic TSR box, like the ones used for the Moldvay Basic and Cook/Marsh Expert D&D sets. I opened it, hoping to see what was within, but it was empty, and I was very sad.

We looked around more and saw that there were remnants of other, similar D&D and AD&D products that never really existed, along with 70's style fantasy posters and other such books (stacks of those early 80's Time-Life Fantasy books, etc.) I thought this was odd, and asked Al about it; he said that the storage place used to be a printing company, and that in fact, they were the guys who printed all the old D&D and AD&D stuff!

So thinking maybe these guys could print stuff for me, I went into the office to talk with the boss, and found out that he was a hippy. His office didn't have chairs; instead you sat on piles of bags of rice, which were actually pretty comfortable. I pulled out a card while saying that I "represent Castles & Crusades, and we'd like to print our books like the old AD&D books."

"Cool man, we haven't printed anything in years," the guys said, as he looked over my business card, which was tie-dyed in color and for some reason had the dragon from the old KABAL ads on it. "You wanna see all the old stuff? We got rooms full of stuff that got printed and never released..."

"REALLY? Sweet!" I said, and we left our rice bag chairs to go and check out the storage units. We go out to one of the buildings, it's so old it's lopsided and practically falling down.

"Yeah man, you're not going to believe some of the stuff Gygax had printed but could never release..." he said, as he opened the first storage unit...

Then I woke up. ::Sigh::

Some elements of this have obvious origins in real-life events. I've actually been thinking about boxed sets lately, and wondering if I could find out who printed the old TSR boxes back in the day. I was reading the DMG just the other day. And I've been missing Al since he left after the wedding. Whence the giant rats and Condi Rice, I've no idea...


Allandaros said...

Get back into your dream and GET US THOSE BOOKS!

kelvingreen said...

The giant rat thing sounded like the ending (SPOILERS) of Peter Jackson's Braindead/Dead Alive; have you seen that recently?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar dream a couple of years ago when I walked into a big Toys-R-Us style mega toy store and found all these cool new modules with covers vaguely reminiscent of the classic TSR releases of the early eighties. Being as I have always preferred longer modules, the new modules I saw on the store shelves were formatted in the style of Gygax's Temple of Elemental Evil. In the dream, the music section of the toy store also carried a bunch of never-before-released CDs from my favorite heavy metal singer Bruce Dickinson.

I remember picking up several Bruce Dickinson CDs and a whole slew of new modules and bringing them to the register, the total being a mere $10 for the lot. I was quite excited and rushed home to open up my goodies. As soon as I started to pull the shrink wrap off of one of my new modules, the dream ended. I woke up feeling quite sad and unfulfilled. Oddly enough, however, a week after my dream I walked into my local used book store and found a gaming book I had always longed for, a 1st printing of the Deities & Demigods tome with the later-excised Elric, Cthulhu Mythos, and Nehwon sections, and for a mere $7 in mint condition.

Thanks for reading,
Alphonso Warden

Timeshadows said...

Nice dream.

James, please do let us know if you get a lead on boxes. :)

--I once dreamt of an Iron Maiden song that never was.

Allandaros said...

I have dreamt many things, but never unreleased Maiden songs. Now I am envious.