Sunday, September 27, 2009

AGJ Monthly Chronicle

Henceforth, every month shall see the release of the Adventure Games Journal Monthly Chronicle. This will be a one-sheet, two sided newsletter shipped out with every order. It will include:

The Bully Pulpit: A paragraph or so by yours truly about something that strikes my fancy, gaming-related.

On the Shelf: Notes about products released by other publishers in the last month and other developments around the adventure game industry.

Ask the Blue Wizard: This is a Q&A section for fans. Send in a question about the Wilderlands and it shall be answered here!

Articles: If room remains, a brief article, usually about the Wilderlands or other AGP projects.

Adventure Games Publishing Booty List: An up-to-date list of currently available products from AGP and information on how to procure them.

Printed on parchment, one copy free with any order, available otherwise for $1 plus S&H. Subscribers will additionally get a copy of each prior issue published since the last issue of AGJ when they get their copy of the Adventure Games Journal.

So send in your questions about the Wilderlands, so that the Blue Wizard does not become bored and start turning random people into toads!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AGP New Booklet Deal!

Available through October 10th, I'm offering all 11 of the new booklets, a product value of $74.50, for only $75, including shipping to US and Canadian addresses ($85 to UK/Europe/Australia) — that's a savings of ~$8 to $10 on shipping and handling!

This deal includes one of each of the following:

Wilderlands of High Adventure
Code: Title: Format: MSRP

AGP00107: World of the Wilderlands*
40-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $7.50

AGP00251: Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1
36-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $7.00

AGP00253: Aendryth’s Eldritch Compendium
24-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $5.50

AGP00301: Sorcerers of the Wilderlands**
28-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $6.00

AGP00302: Warrior-Mages of the Wilderlands**
20-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $5.00

AGP00303: Faiths of the City State: Forn Sidthr
24-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $5.50

AGP05004: Skills, Feats, and Languages of the Wilderlands %
36-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $7.00

AGP05501: Player’s Guide #1 — Tharbrian Horse-Lords
36-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $7.00

* Included in AGP00501
** Included in AGP00106
% Designed for d20 ver3.5

Generic Castles & Crusades
Code: Title: Format: MSRP
AGP00653: Curses and More Curses
40-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $7.50

AGP00676: 100 Encounters and Treasures — Level 1
28-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $6.00

AGP06101: Monstrous Menaces Compendium 1-5
64-page, 5.5” x 8.5”: $10.50

Send check or money order made out to James Mishler to:

Adventure Games Publishing
Order Processing: Booklet Deal
PO Box 185
Iola, WI 54945

Or send payment via Paypal to: jamesagp1 at gmail dot com

Subscribers can get all 11 booklets as part of their subscription at a cost of 188 subscriber pages of credit (that's 376 half-size pages; three-issue subscribers should currently have 240 pages of credit left, while 6-issue subscribers should have 528 pages remaining, minus any other purchases made), and pay no shipping.

First 11 Booklets

Here's a full spectrum of the 11 booklets... first copies of each to be printed. Click on the picture to embiggen...

First AGP Booklet!

Here's a picture of the first of our digest-sized booklets to be printed, appropriately enough, the Guide to the World of the Wilderlands!

I'm printing up one of each to put together a test run for shipping in order to determine shipping costs. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the Post Office today, and can start taking orders tonight!

Here's a list of all the new products, including page count and MSRP:

Wilderlands of High Adventure
Code ... Title ... Format ... MSRP

AGP00107 ... World of the Wilderlands* ... 40-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $7.50
AGP00251 ... Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1 ... 36-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $7.00
AGP00253 ... Aendryth’s Eldritch Compendium ... 24-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $5.50
AGP00301 ... Sorcerers of the Wilderlands** ... 28-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $6.00
AGP00302 ... Warrior-Mages of the Wilderlands** ... 20-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $5.00
AGP00303 ... Faiths of the City State: Forn Sidthr ... 24-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $5.50
AGP05504 ... Skills, Feats, and Languages of the Wilderlands % ... 36-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $7.00
AGP05501 ... Player’s Guide #1 — Tharbrian Horse-Lords ... 36-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $7.00
* Included in AGP00501 ** Included in AGP00106 % Designed for d20 ver3.5

Generic Castles & Crusades
Code ... Title ... Format ... MSRP

AGP00653 ... Curses and More Curses ... 40-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $7.50
AGP00676 ... 100 Encounters and Treasures — Level 1 ... 28-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $6.00
AGP06101 ... Monstrous Menaces Compendium 1-5 ... 64-page, 5.5” x 8.5” ... $10.50

One of everything will run $74.50 plus shipping and handling... I'll probably run a deal on that, though I won't know what the final cost will be until I know what shipping will run... that's 376 pages (equal to 188 pages for subscriber page credit).

As these are being printed as ordered, I have to ask that customers please allow two to four weeks for delivery, especially at the first, when I expect (or at least, hope) to get a fair number of orders!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Game Collection: Case 1, Shelf 1

Now with picture... Click for embiggenment...
As I'm once again re-sorting my game collection for yet another winnowing, I'm actually going to finally get around to cataloguing all my games. Once upon a time, I had a massive, extensive collection that filled a whole room filled with heavy-duty shelves to the ceiling. Today, it is much, much smaller... merely three bookcases of five shelves (some of these half or more empty, with board games merely filling half the top of the cases), the two "wing" shelves on my computer desk, and two other shelves on a fourth bookcase (dedicated to my Dragon Magazine collection).

Here are the contents of Case 1 (closest shelf to me), Shelf 1 (top shelf), from left to right:

Original Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement I: Greyhawk
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement II: Blackmoor
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes (copy 1)
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes (copy 2, Judges Guild House Copy)
Swords & Spells
The Arduin Grimoire Volume I
The Arduin Grimoire Volume II: Welcome to Skull Tower
The Arduin Grimoire Volume III: The Runes of Doom
Basic Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set [Holmes Edition]
Basic Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set [Moldvay Edition]
Expert Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set [Cook/Marsh Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1 [Mentzer Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Expert Rules Set 2 [Mentzer Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Player Character Record Sheets
Dungeons & Dragons AC 1: The Shady Dragon Inn
Dungeons & Dragons AC 2: Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure
Dungeons & Dragons Set 3: Companion Rules [Mentzer Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Set 4: Master Rules [Mentzer Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Set 5: Immortal Rules [Mentzer Edition]
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia [Allston Edition] (copy 1)
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia [Allston Edition] (copy 2)
Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series Wrath of the Immortals Boxed Set
Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series Character Record Sheets (copy 1)
Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series Character Record Sheets (copy 2)
Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series Character Record Sheets (copy 3, MIS)
Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series Dungeon Master Screen
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Screen
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D2 Player Character Record Sheets
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Deities & Demigods
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual II
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Wilderness Survival Guide
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Manual of the Planes
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Masters Guide
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Players Handbook
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition REF 1: Dungeon Master Screen
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition REF 2: Character Record Sheets

For those wondering where the Judges Guild stuff is at for development, most of it is currently in the left "wing shelf" of my computer desk, along with the C&C PHB and M&T plus the Necromancer Games Wilderlands products; the right "wing shelf" is filled with Greyhawk materials for my Gary's Greyhawk Campaign. I have more sorting and shifting to do before I get to the next list; Case 1, Shelf 1 is the "starter point" for this effort.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The H-Man: Father of Green Slime!

Well... most likely.

My wife and I recently purchased Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho Collection, mostly because it has a very good version of the original Mothra film, but also because it has another film starring one of our favorite Japanese actors, Akihiko Hirata, who stars as a police investigator in The H-Man.

It is my contention that The H-Man provided Gary with the "thematic father" of Green Slime.

Click here to see a "fan-made" trailer of The H-Man on YouTube.

Imagine my surprise as we watched this seemingly innocuous classic Japanese tokusatsu film, and all of a sudden there was a classic Green Slime attack! There's a good one at 1:34, but the better classic slime attack is at 1:50; the film has many ore, including... slime attacks from above in the sewers of Tokyo!

An instant, terrible death, with transformation into more green slime, is assured when touched by this stuff. The only factors missing from the D&D version are the nuclear vector, the formation of the slime into a vaguely humanoid shape with vague human memories, and the fact that in the movie, the slime is mobile... but then, mobile, intelligent green slime would rapidly conquer a medieval setting, I would think...

If the slime monsters of The H-Man are not the direct father of Green Slime, surely it is an antecedent in some fashion...

Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands Preview

From the forthcoming Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands booklet...

Sven Red-Eye
The Demon-Born

CE male Demon-Blooded Sverkka Valonar human 6th level barbarian, HD 6d12+18, HP 62, AC 17 [18 vs. Law or Good, 19 vs. Lawful Good] (+2 magical demon iron mail shirt +1 plus dexterity bonus), Move 30 ft., SL General 4, Str 17, Dex 14*, Con 18*, Int 17*, Wis 9, Cha 11. Class abilities are native arms & armor (Valonar types; focused in broad sword, also proficient with five weapon/armor), primal rage, resilience, savage glory, sixth sense, tribal abilities (Seamanship and four cantrips, see below), Versatility (two 1st level wizard spells, see below). Sven knows the following cantrips and spells, each useable once per day as a 6th level wizard: detect magic, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, charm person, sleep. Sven’s Demon Eye grants him 60 ft. Darkvision and the ability, once per day, to use the following spells as spell-like abilities as though cast by a 6th level wizard: magic missile, scare, and fireball. The effect fires forth from the eye. Through special tutoring from his Demonic cousins, he also has the ability to Decipher Script (Intelligence) as a rogue, though with no penalty to reading arcane scrolls. He wields “Fafnirsfang,” a magical broad sword +1/+3 vs. dwarves (+8 BtH, 2d4+4 points of damage, +10 BtH and 2d4+6 vs. dwarves) and short bow (+6 BtH, 1d6 points of damage, 60 ft. range). He speaks Valonar, Alryan, Skandik, and Demonic. He wears his +2 magical demon iron mail shirt with coif, walrus-skin pants, sea-wolf fur leggings, a thick black belt with demon-faced bronze buckle (worth 10 gp), tall black boots, and a blood-red cape; Fafnirsfang is at his side in a jewel-encrusted scabbard (worth 250 gp), two daggers are in his belt, his bow and quiver of 20 arrows upon his back; two wizard scrolls depend from the belt in scroll cases made from the bones of men (teleport without error on one and sleep and detect thoughts on the other); and he carries 17 gp, 8 sp, and 12 cp.

Tall and bean-pole thin, Sven Red-Eye stands 6’4” and weighs only 185 lbs. His muscles are mighty but wiry, and his hands, feet, and nose are overly large for his frame. Sven’s left eye is twice as large as his right, bulges forth from the socket, and is demonic in form, with a glowing red pupil, yellow iris, and black orb; his right eye is normal, with the deep purple iris common to sorcerous-blooded Sverkka. His skin is bone white and his hair is platinum blonde, long, and worn in dreadlocks. His fingernails are thick, long, and naturally ebon black, his tongue and lips are naturally purple, and his teeth are naturally sharp and jagged like those of a shark. He is 21 years old.

Sven Red-Eye was born upon a cold peak wreathed in blue flame in the mountains above Malikarr on Thrinakia Isle; it was a clear and starry night, when Luna hid her face, Gorm glittered bilious above a blood-red sea, and Ioun hung full low upon the horizon, dropping his blessings and curses across the lands. Wolves and demons howled in the night as his mother, a witch dedicated to the service of the Demon Gods, cried in ecstasy at her birthing pains. Never known by man, she birthed the child of a demon, or rather near-demon, her son being born of the blood of her demonbrood lover.

Unfortunately for her, for some unknown reason her son was not born true demonbrood, merely demon-blooded, and as her child drew his first blood with his sharp fangs suckling at her teat, her demonbrood lover fled in disgust. Her vile joy turned to utter hatred, and thus she raised her son to seek vengeance upon his father for abandoning her.

She taught him various things arcane and magical, while various charm-held lovers and thralls taught him the ways of sword and spear, ship and sea. When he stood man-tall, she sent him forth as the leader of a ship of foul pirates and sellswords, to make his way south to the Demon Empires, there to seek out his father and wreak her vengeance upon his sire.

That was three years ago, and in that time Sven has crossed the Wine-Dark Sea, Silver Sea, and Sea of 10,000 Islands a dozen times, raiding and plundering as opportunity permits. He has visited the ports of the Demon Empire seeking his father, to no avail, though there made contacts with other demonbrood and demon-blooded favorable to his cause (for his father has no few enemies), and they taught him better use of the magic permeating his demon blood. His ship, the Vengeful Hag, now bears a demon prow in place of the traditional Sverkka dragon, and his crew is now a mix of cutthroats, murderers, and blasphemers from every port in the Wilderlands.

Sven is in no hurry to find his father, having thrice the lifespan of a normal man; he will seek him out eventually, for his “inheritance” of wealth and magic, if not for his mother’s sake. Meanwhile, he enjoys ravaging and pillaging his way across the Wilderlands wherever whim directs him. He is currently active in the Wine-Dark Sea between the City State and Tarantis, despised and hunted by the authorities, feared and respected by the native pirates.

1) Plotting
2) Flippant
3) Angry
4) Grim
5) Vicious
6) Amorous

Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands includes 13 fully-detailed barbarians NPCs and 100 NPC barbarian listings from the Wilderlands of High Adventure. Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands uses the barbarian class from Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1, but can readily be used with any Constitution-based version of the barbarian class.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

AGP Product Restock at Chimera Hobby: Appleton

I just stopped in today at Chimera Hobby: Appleton and dropped off a restock of AGP products. So if you are in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, stop in at Chimera's!

Still no booklets, I'm afraid... we are still working out some of the production issues on those. I have made some progress otherwise, both on Adventure Games Journal #2 and Western Karak: Valley of the Immortals. We should have a resolution on booklet publishing this week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Light on Posts... and a bit of Greyhawk

Sorry that I've been light on posts of late... lots of irons in the fire!

Still working on getting these booklets ready... some products just don't fit well into a booklet, being either too large or too small. It looks like Monstrous Menaces might be broken into two booklets... the issue on that one is trimming through the equivalent of 32 sheets. I was hoping to trim the books at home, but no trimmer can cut through that many sheets effectively... and trimming at a printer is rather pricy.

Other products are being combined, such as 100 Treasure Troves and 100 Exciting Encounters... these are being combined into a single booklet, one for each level. Same for the two Curses books, which will be known as Curses & More Curses. Other books, such as the Martial Artist, are just too damn small to make a booklet without expansion.

On top of that I have several other projects going on, and actually got a job interview (which seems to have gone quite well). Getting a day job will actually help get more out the door, as one of the issues with getting things done around here has been cash flow (or rather the lack of it). So fingers crossed on that.

We had our first Gary's Greyhawk Campaign session last week; it was mostly catch-up from downtime, with lots of random rolls for success at day jobs, socializing, rumor and legend search, and independent training. Much hilarity ensued, the highlights including:

Zevryk found a hidden treasure in the farmhouse he rented (along with a mysterious skeleton chained to a wall), and profited greatly thereby, though he made little headway in developing connections with the nobles of the Barony.

Twidorek enjoying his career as "Upper Upper Class Barfly"... until the moment when he critically failed his check and made a mortal enemy of Captain Argun of the Royal Outriders!

Elyas and Kor tried their hand as lumberjacks, and in the first month both failed spectacularly, with Elyas losing his little toe to Kor's axe... Kor went on to work as a Guard of the Watch in Wildsgate, while Elyas went on to make a big score in his first month as a thief (also in Wildsgate... hmmmm) and spent the rest of the downtime chilling in dives in the poor section of town.

Friar Pudge tended to the local hamlets as a wandering healer; he made enemies of the local clergy due to the growing favor for the peasantry for the Good Friar's Pelor worship over the Serene Majesty of Rao.

Abraxis hung out at Zevryk's farm, milking cows and hauling manure, enjoying the simple life.

Adamond had little success working as a tracker, and failed spectacularly at most of his attempts to find out about local legends and rumors. He did, however, meet a lovely young halfling lass, with whom he has spent sweet time pitching woo.

Mort, too, worked on romancing a lovely bookseller he met in Wildsgate, adn not enough time establishing his apothecary practice in the local villages... he paid his bills, but not much more, though he was able to befriend the local curate.

Tar'Nish saw some success as a bodyguard for local petty nobility, and made some worthy contacts among their number after stopping two assassins.

Gregory had perhaps the most success of all, as during the Winter Solstice festival during Needfest he gained the attention and patronage of Sire Brora, a local noble of some influence. Sire Brora sponsored a performance by Gregory in the amphitheater of Wildsgate, attended by the Royal Seneschal and the White Lady, half-sister of the Baron (who could not attend due to being on sickbed).

The later, smaller portion of the session was dedicated to the events of the evening of the 22nd of Readying, Friar Pudge's 23rd birthday... but a full post on that shall follow later...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

AGP Products Now Available at Noble Knight Games

We are pleased to announce that Noble Knight Games is now carrying the full line of Adventure Games Publishing products.

Since 1997, Noble Knight Games has been serving the needs of thousands of gamers worldwide. We specialize in both new and out-of-print RPG's, Board Games, War Games Collectible Card Games, Miniatures and all things game-related. At Noble Knight Games, we are perfectionists. You can expect that your order will be carefully packed and shipped promptly, in many instances the same day you place your order. All of the items listed on our web site (unless noted as preorder or special order) are in stock and ready to ship.

Click here to go to the
Adventure Games Publishing section
of the Noble Knight Games website

Thursday, September 3, 2009

[Comic Books] Runners: The Big Snow Job Begins

I'm a huge fan of the Runners: Bad Goods comic book by Sean Wang, which he has released as a free webcomic over the last several months.

The second series, Runners: The Big Snow Job, begins today, with new updates every Monday and Thursday; Snow Job has never been released, so every page is brand new, and in full color!

If you like Traveller-style science fiction with a Star Wars feel, you definitely need to check out Runners.

Click here to go to an old news blurb on RunnersUniverse online from Adventure Game News.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[News] Fight On! #6 Now Available

The latest issue of Fight On! includes a review of Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1 (by Zach Houghton, page 188)... I'll write up a review of the issue as soon as I get a chance to read it (been a wee bit busy between getting all my PDF's booklet-ready and the restart of the Gary's Greyhawk Campaign).

Meanwhile... Ron Edwards... ... Ron Edwards... ... ... Ron Edwards!


Aw man... it really does work... now how do I get Ron Edwards out of my bathroom?

Fight On! charges into its sixth issue on an orc stampede like Shadowfax! Dedicated to Lee Gold, legendary editor of Alarums & Excursions, FO! #6 features dungeons, cities, wilderness, rules variants, fantastic art, poetry, polemic, and puissant pennings from a pantheon of gaming’s finest! Contributors include Lee Gold, Tim Kask, Jeff Rients, Mark Allen, David “Sham” Bowman, Ron Edwards, Jason Morningstar, Geoffrey O. Dale, Calithena, Stephan Poag, Mikko Torvinen, Erin Bisson, Michael “Chgowiz” Shorten, Gabor Lux, Lee Barber, Tony “Wheggi” Rosten, Baz Blatt, Michael Curtis, James Maliszewski, Zach Houghton, Andy “Atom” Taylor, Steve Zieser, Jeff Talanian, Patrick Farley, and many, many more.

Click here to buy the print version

Click here to buy the PDF version

Take your adventures to the next level with Fight On!

Table of Contents
Variant Races (Calithena)……………….……………….3
Tables for Fables (Age of Fable)……….…………….…..4
Git ‘R Done (Will Mistretta, Mátyás Hartyándi, M.J. Harnish, and Northrundicandus)…...……………….…7
Hell-Grave of the Tveirbróður (Jason Morningstar)……..9
The Tribe of Rorvash (Erin “Taichara” Bisson)………..13
Sandbox Preparation (Michael “Chgowiz” Shorten)……15
Welcome to Slimy Lake (Jeff Rients)…………………...18
Knights & Knaves (Timothy J. Kask)…………………..24
Chaos Monks of Kthulhu! (Jeffrey Talanian)…………...26
Creepies & Crawlies (Lee Barber, Shaine Edwards, and Geoffrey McKinney)………………………………....27
Blocks of Quox (Tony Rosten)………………………....29
Summonings Vile and Dark (Matthew Slepin)………,…37
Esoteric Arts for Wizardly Know-it-Alls (Baz Blatt)……40
Old School Game Determination (Michael Curtis)….….43
GBH (Peter Schmidt Jensen)…….…………………..…44
When I Was a Girl (Lee Gold)….……………………....45
Education of a Magic User (Douglas Cox)……………..45
Stone Gullet (Gabor Lux)……….……………………..46
Wasteland Travellers (Gabor Lux)……………………..50
A Few for the Road (Michael Curtis)…………………...55
Enharza, City of Thieves (Santiago Luis Oría)………….60
I Need a Dungeon Right Now! (Jeff Rients)…………....65
Dungeon Modules (Geoffrey O. Dale)………………....68
Oceanian Legends (Del L. Beaudry)……………………72
The Devil’s in the Details: Ahoggyá (Baz Blatt)………...73
The Darkness Beneath: Lower Caves (David Bowman)...78
The Petrified Forest (Del L. Beaudry)………………....110
World Creating as a Hobby (Lee Gold)……………….111
Interview with Lee Gold (Maliszewski & Grohe)……...113
Naked Went the Gamer (Ron Edwards)……………....115
Merlin’s Mystical Mirror (Zach Houghton)…………....118
Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments (Mo Mehlem & co.)...121
Overland (Mikko Torvinen)…………………………..124

Front Cover by Mark Allen. Back cover by Stefan Poag and Andy “Atom” Taylor. Fight On!, Erol Otus, and Slimy Lake logos by Jeff Rients. Alarums & Excursions #1 cover by Jack Harness. Interior art and cartography by Steve Zieser (3,16,17,22,110), Age of Fable (4), Black Blade Publishing (, 5), Kelvin Green (, 6,12,20,46,48,49, 50,51), M. J. Harnish (, 8), Dei Games (, 8), Lee Barber (ghosttower.crithitcomics. com, 9,27,43,46,58,78), Remi Treuer (10,11,12), Erin Bis-son (13), Anthony Stiller (14,118), Mark Allen (portfolio., 18,21,23,55,85,97,102), Christian de la Rosa (19), Tim Kask (24,25), Ian Baggley (26), Shaine Edwards (28), Tony Rosten (29,30,34), Andy “Atom” Taylor (33, 35), Kesher (38,74), Peter Schmidt Jensen (44,92), Alex Schröder (44), Douglas Cox (45), Gabor Lux (47,48,50,51), Santiago Luis Oría (61,63,64), Jeff Rients (67), Otherworld Miniatures (71), Lamentations of the Flame Princess (88), Patrick Farley (99), Tomás Banzas “Germille” Illa (111), Peter Seckler (115), Scott Purdy/Ron Edwards (119), James Mishler/Peter Bradley (119), Michael Shorten/Mark Allen (120), Mareike Robien (123), and Mikko Torvinen (124). Knights & Knaves and Creepies & Crawlies logos by Lee Barber; Darkness Beneath logo and map by Robert S. Conley. We also used public domain clipart from wiki-media commons (14,37,39,40,69), wpclipart (41,66,120), and (60).

[Greyhawk] Cost of Living

Here's the general Cost of Living chart for my Greyhawk campaign.

This is for players who simply want to handwave all their basic expenses for long-term living; this does not apply while on the road during an adventure, of course...

Cost of Living
1 gp = 20 sp = 240 cp

Costs are in Commons (Silver Pieces)

Lifestyle = Monthly Cost
Lower Lower Class = 5 sp
Middle Lower Class = 10 sp
Upper Lower Class = 20 sp
Lower Middle Class = 40 sp
Middle Middle Class = 80 sp
Upper Middle Class = 160 sp
Lower Upper Class = 320 sp
Middle Upper Class = 640 sp
Upper Upper Class = 1,250 sp
Aristocrat = 2,500 sp
Lord = 5,000 sp
Baron = 10,000 sp
Count = 25,000 sp
King = 50,000 sp

As Greyhawk has exactly 28 days per month, to calculate the cost of living during a festival week, simply divide this cost by four. As it has been 19 weeks, the cost would come to four months and three weeks total (x4.75). One we know your current day job and determine your total income for that period, we can add that to your saved treasure and then subract your basic cost of living... and hope, if you run out, that your friends are willing to loan you needed funds!

Cost of living assumes:

Long-term rental of a flat, cottage, town house, manor, etc. as appropriate to the social class; does not include rental of separate place of business!

Food appropriate to the social class, bought at a market or grocery and prepared at home (i.e., does not include going down to the tavern every day);

Hygiene, clothing, and other basic personal maintenance appropriate to the social class;

Basic material needs of ephemeral nature (i.e. furniture, bedding, candles or torches or oil for home use, etc.);

Does not include armor, weapons, dungeoneering equipment, jewelry, and so forth, though includes basic maintenance of common items;

Does not include stabling and upkeep of horses;

Does not include tavern fare, special entertainment, travel, special taxes and fees, anything having to do with adventuring, etc. Aristocrats and nobles get some of this assumed, but nothing extraordinary; such must come out of their disposable income, even for nobility!

[Greyhawk] Downtime List

We are going with the 19 weeks of downtime for the characters in Gary's Greyhawk Campaign... so as the last session ended early afternoon of Starday, 15th of Patchwall 579 CY, we will pick up the adventure on Starday, 22nd of Readying 580 CY. I have asked the players to provide the following information for their characters as soon as possible (and certainly prior to the start of the session next week if at all possible):


What you have been doing for a day job;

Where you have been staying (most expensive to cheapest): Small Manor House, Private Room @ The Tipsy Gnome Inn, Rented House, Rented Flat, Rented Cottage in Nearby Village, Hovel in Nearby Hamlet. If you get a job as with the Guard at the Keep, room and board are included;

What your General Lifestyle has been like (again, most expensive to cheapest): Noble Style, Gentleman Style, Guild Style, Citizen Style, Laborer/Peasant Style, Beggar Style. Again, Guardsmen get meals included;

List three people you want to get to know during this time period, these being limited by your social (or apparent social) level;

List three rumors, legends, historical bits, or other information you want to dig up. I'll post a "General Knoweldge of Wildervale" list in a few days;

Training: List four skills you want to train in, even if you do not currently have any skill in them. A skill list will be posted in the next few days, and I'll also let everyone know what skills they currently have at what level, and what additional skills they have coming to them, once I look up the skill system I developed a few months back...

Finally, list anything else you want to pursue during the intervening four and some months. Romance, friendship, building alliances, destroying dreams, doing a little pick-pocketing while in the capital of Wildsgate, etc...


Should be interesting to see what the characters have been up to. Zevryk plans to try to keep the whole "Lord Zevryk" thing going; that can be all sorts of fun, depending on how things go. Who will be broke, who might have struck it rich, who will be a local hero, and who will be in jail?

More as events develop over the next week...