Monday, September 22, 2008

19th Most Common Search String...

The 19th Most Common Search String that led a reader to my website this month was "adventure game with slaves."

Neato. Sorry to have disappointed you! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1 PDF Now Available

Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1 features an alternative barbarian class for Castles & Crusades; tips on how to work both the original barbarian class (renamed "savage warrior") and the barbarian in together in urban and rural civilizations; plus listing and details on the major barbarian nations of the Wilderlands. If you prefer a barbarian class based on classic pulp Sword & Sorcery themes, this is the class you have been looking for...

The new barbarian class abilities include:

• Native Arms & Armor
• Primal Rage
• Resilience
• Savage Glory
• Sixth Sense
• Tribal Abilities (Animal Handling, Armor Maker, Battle Cry, Berserkergang, Bowyer, Canoeing, Demon Slayer, Fast Movement, First Aid, Horsemanship, Horse Warrior, Jumping, Languages, Master Armor Maker, Master Bowyer, Master Weapon Smith, Runes, Running, Savage Horde, Savage Retainers, Scale, Seamanship, Signaling, Sound Imitation, Swimming, Weapon Smith, Wilderness Abilities, and Wizard Slayer)
• Versatility

Versatility is the great ability of the barbarian, as it enables him to learn the skills and abilities he needs to operate, excel, and conquer in the decadent realms of civilization.

The new barbarian class can be used with any Castles & Crusades campaign!

Plus, this PDF also includes details on nine barbarian nations of the Wilderlands of High Adventure:

• Altanians
• Amazons
• Karakhans
• Karzulun
• Mgona
• Moonrakers
• Skandiks
• Tharbrians
• Valonar

NOTE: The alternative barbarian class will NOT be used in other AGP products; all alternatives are to be used solely at the Judge's discretion, and I'm not going to force a Judge to buy this PDF product just to use all the other Wilderlands products. So if you play in the Wilderlands but are not into alternative classes, you don't need this PDF.

Barbarians of the Wilderlands 1 weighs in at 20 pages and retails at $4.00.

Click here to buy it on DriveThruRPG

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2008 Wilderlands Jam is now available!

The 2008 Wilderlands Jam has finally returned home after a great journey through gamers, Arkansas, and a hurricane. It is now available for purchase!

This 48-page booklet combines three web-only offerings and one preview of an upcoming product:

Warrior-Mages of the Wilderlands
Sorcerers of the Wilderlands
Monsters & Treasures of the Wilderlands 1
The Valley of the Dead Queens

The Warrior-Mages of the Wilderlands and Sorcerers of the Wilderlands articles are available on the AGP site free as part of the earlier (and now defunct) Cool Rule of the Week effort; this is likely the only time they will ever be available in print. Monsters & Treasures of the Wilderlands 1 is currently available only in PDF format, though some or all of the monsters and treasures therein might be available later in a print version.

The Valley of the Dead Queens preview provides insight into the upcoming Sandbox Module line. Each region in the line will have each hex fully detailed, including lairs, hamlets, settlements, dungeons, and ruins. Hex cartography is based on the classic Judges Guild style. The preview includes maps of hexes 04:0714 and 04:0715, details of what is to be found there, and a map of the hamlet of Cragfalls, a hamlet in hex 04:0715, along with descriptions of about half the locations in the village, including background and specific individual information. The Sandbox Module Line will premiere online on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, enabling Wilderlands fans to puchase exactly the set of hexes they wish to supplement their Wilderlands of High Adventure and Wilderlands of High Fantasy campaigns.

The 2008 Wilderlands Jam weighs in at 48 pages and retails at $12 plus $4 for shipping and handling (US; $8 shipping and handling for Europe and Australia; other international customers please inquire after shipping costs).

The 2008 Wilderlands Jam is available as long as supplies last. The 2008 Wilderlands Jam is limited to 150 copies; once sold out, it is gone forever!

Click here to order the 2008 Wilderlands Jam!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deutschescampaign: The Northern Lands

I have no idea what this region is called, or if it ever even had a name. I'll call it the "Northern Lands" for lack of a better name. Nordland has a good ring to it.

Here are two maps; well, actually, one is the map and the other is the map with the transparent plastic sheet upon which I drew the red-line border atop it...

This was not a novel thing; I'd done this before leaving for Germany with several maps (long gone, unfortunately, though I do still have my maps of the Belgariad world somewhere). Fortunately, I also found the numbered guide to what all the numbers meant... otherwise I'd have no idea what each region was.

"A" territories are apparently some sort of unified country, a mix of different cultures. "A1" is the City of Warthenburgh, which I remember being the base for the campaign. I even drew out some of the city at one point, though I no longer seem to have those maps. "A2" is Dwarrowhugien, a dwarven realm, of course. "A10" is Yaegrenvald, which might have been elven or druidic, I'm not sure. There's another clear layer that has roads drawn on it that shows these are all definitely part of the same kingdom. This is also confirmed by the clear sheet for the continental map, which I found after I posted the map in the prior post... I gotta scan that sometime, too.

"B" territories are a wild land of monsters, petty realms, and barbarian and humanoid tribes. Also apparently of wizards, as the pointy grey towers are wizard towers, I remember that much. "B3" is Galbanvald... maybe the Yellow Forest? "B6" is Svirtamirka, seems to be a land of undead. "B7" is Oecherrochan, probably an ogre realm. "B9" and "B10" are Uruckdatai and Uruckdithai, obviously orc tribes. "B13" is the Great Lizard Swamp (in English no less).

"C" territories are elven lands. I gave the clans alphabet-breaking long-ass Finnish-sounding names that I'm not even going to attempt to type. Okay, here's one... "C2" = Fillenaenialoianai. That must have been some really, really good beer.

"D" lands are all Norse-like territories, complete with the wizard towers... I think this was a Norse Glantri of sorts, not sure. I have another map of the lands further west that shows an elven Glantri-like kingdom, and IIRC the "savage wizards" of "D" land were half-elves/half-Viking wizards...

Though there are E, F, G, and H listings on the map, I have no records of what they were, and a blank list where "E1" to "E7" are listed. "E" seems to have been wild mountains filled with monsters. "F" was a wild forest, maybe filled with druids; there are no major settlements, at least. "G" was almost certainly a large elven kingdom, while "H" was almost certainly a large dwarven kingdom; that's the way I worked then, and that's what they look like on the continental map.

Personal Wayback Machine

Some days I feel really old. ..

I felt rather old especially several weeks ago, when going through old boxes of stuff. You know, stuff. Hobbits called them mathoms. Most folk call this kind of stuff junk. Generally it is, but you know, I've got some memory issues from time to time, so finding this old stuff usually brings black a flood of memories long thought lost.

Not this. It was more of a trickle, really...

This was a map I drew for a D&D campaign back in 1988. I was living in Germany at the time as an exchange student, so the reason I have so few memories of it is likely because I spent much of that time drunk. It was a Mentzer B/E campaign, as that was what I had with me; I actually hadn't brought anything with me save for the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Boxed Set, so I'd picked up the B/E boxed sets in German in Germany. And as I was using B/E, I didn't want to use the Forgotten Realms, which was, of course, for use with AD&D.

As you can see, there was no end of influence from Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms. In fact, it is little more than a GH/FR mash-up. The interesting details are not on this map, though, oh no. The more interesting details are on the next map, which drills down from 300 miles per inch to 30 miles per inch in the area just north of the crescent-shaped lake just north and east of center. I swear, that must have been some damn good beer...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So very, very true...

From time to time, I get creatively exhausted and no matter how hard I try, I can't put two words together. Usually, it happens after I get across a particularly important deadline, like my brain just shuts down and refuses to do anything until I take time off and recover HP. Problem is, I always feel guilty, like I'm being a deadbeat while Anne does real work during these times. Other times, I feel like a ferret on meth, struggling to help my fingers keep up with my brain as it unleashes idea after idea at me.

Wil Wheaton

I hate it when my fingers try typing so fast, the damn computer freezes up because it has too much to process. Note that this is not bragging about my typing prowess; it's simply that I have a crappy old computer.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Imperial Town of Tell Qa now available in PDF

The Wilderlands of High Adventure: Imperial Town of Tell Qa PDF is a ready-to-play town setting found in the Falling Empire of Viridistan (Wilderlands Campaign Map 4). Tell Qa includes 83 town locations complete with NPCs, ranging from taverns and inns to courtesans and moneychangers; plus details on local races and cultures, military defenses, local Mycretian cells, adventure rumors, recent history, and streets and market places, and a gorgeous yet eminently useable Judges Map of the town and a blank Players Map that the judge can hand to players exploring this last bastion of civilization of the Falling Empire.

Looking for adventure? Don’t know where to start? Here’s an easy method. Flip through the booklet and pick a location at random. This is where the adventure begins, in the middle of the action. Look over the description of the location and its occupants, and consider the nature of the adventurers. Perhaps the NPCs seek to employ the adventurers — they need a treasure recovered, or an enemy silenced. Maybe the adventurers seek goods or information at the establishment. If you are still stumped, pick another establishment at random, and develop a connection between the two and the adventurers. Perhaps the Grocer (#48) has a cart of odd goods to deliver to the Bazaar (#20), and wants to hire guards… why? What is he really delivering that needs such protection? Or maybe the adventurers start out at the Town Jail (#55) — are they prisoners, visitors, guards, or perhaps they are bounty hunters? You decide. If the adventurers start in the Slave Market, they could be slaves being auctioned off, or passers–by who see a friend or ally being sold. The possibilities are endless; just pick a location and go!

This PDF also includes 20 highly detailed NPC encounters designed specifically for use with Tell Qa.

Imperial Town of Tell Qa is designed to be used with the upcoming Valley of the Dead Queens Sandbox Module Series, as well as the forthcoming Environs of Tell Qa Wilderness Series. The whole can be combined into a massive campaign that provides countless hours of adventure!

Note: The information presented in this PDF is available in print form in the 2007 Free RPG Day product Imperial Town of Tell Qa: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire (out of print), and the 2007 Gen Con Special: XXXI (still available in limited quantities). If you have either of those products, you already have all the material presented herein.

The PDF version of this product clocks in at 36 pages and retails at $9.00.

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Click here to get it on