Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More PDFs from Adventure Games Publishing

I've now added the Southern Reaches Map (in two files, one for Judges, one for Players) and a brand-spanking new product, Monsters & Treasure of the Wilderlands 1.

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Monsters & Treasure of the Wilderlands 1
Over time players become complacent, sure in the knowledge that they have encountered every creature in the book and catalogued all treasures to be found. They won’t be so certain when the judge pulls out a new book of 16 pages of monsters and treasures that they’ve never seen before!

Monsters & Treasures of the Wilderlands 1 includes 16 new monsters designed for use with Castles & Crusades and the Wilderlands of High Adventure Campaign Setting. Running the gamut from pesky 1 HD faeries to fallen 15 HD demi-gods, each monster includes details on ecology and society, powers and treasures. Some are hauntingly familiar, just enough so as to trip up the unwary adventurer, while others are entirely new and created from whole cloth. Though designed for use in the Wilderlands, every monster can find a home elsewhere, and is easily adapted into just about any fantasy campaign setting.

Also included are 16 new treasures, ranging from the least bauble to great and potent (and usually, most dire) relics. Each is tied to the Wilderlands, adding more detail to your Wilderlands campaign, though the histories can readily be altered to suit any campaign.

Monster List
Angrasinamru (Peacock Devil) [15 HD]
Bat, Giant Vampire [2 HD]
Cat, Saber-Toothed Tiger [7 HD]
Centipede, Giant Wooly [6 HD]
Gorgosphinx [12 HD]
Gourandrouni (Demon Hog) [4 HD]
Gràdhcronaím (Lost Love Fey) [6 HD]
Grue (Shadow Elemental) [9 HD]
Hound of Hades [6 HD]
Imp, Chasm [2 HD]
Malicorn (Dread Goat) [2 HD]
Moppet, Witch’s (Devil Doll) [3 HD]
Sloughree (Wind Howler) [10 HD]
Sprite, Cràigeanetlagh (Flying Frog Faerie) [1 HD]
Szaltys (Lucky Snake) [1 HD]
Teknatzou (Cavern Crone) [5 HD]

Treasure List
Abacus of Instant Calculation
Beggar’s Bindlestick
Blade Belligerence, The
Dagger Divine, The
Demon-Die of the Mandarin-Lords
Dragon Shield
Gwyndolyn’s Mail
Hag’s Eye
Icon of the Bloodstained God
Maed’s Walkin’ Hat
Peasant Talisman
Potion of Partial Polymorph
Power Pearls
Rune of Protection
Wand of the Toad Prince
Zudnak’s Finger

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventure Games Journal #1 now available as PDF!!!

Now available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

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Get it from RPGNow

The PDF can be printed, and you can copy and paste from it. Or you should be able to... let me know if there are any problems!

Subscribers, before you buy the PDF be sure to contact me at the Super Secret Subscriber E-mail address to receive your Subscriber Discount Coupon!

The Rhadamanthia Map should follow soon, then the Southern Reaches map...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Really, really out of touch...

My ages-old personal computer finally gave up the ghost Monday morning. As it would cost almost as much to fix it as to buy a new computer, I am going to buy a new computer. Unfortunately, it will take a couple weeks for me to get the dough to buy one, so until then I am stuck using the local library computer for all e-mail and Internet purposes.

Work continues apace on Southern Reaches unaffected; my laptop, used for AGP writing only, is just fine. I never, ever use it for the Internet, as harsh experience showed with poor Bob and his many virus-destroyed computers and lost manuscripts. So if you need to contact me in the next few weeks via e-mail, realize it might take me a few days to get back to you... if it is urgent and you have my phone number, that's the best bet for now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Posting will be light or non-existent for about two weeks. Three reasons:

#1: Must get the Southern Reaches Gazetteer completed and ready for art and layout in enough time for release before or at Gen Con.

#2: Must write Gen Con Limited Edition Module #2 in time for art and layout (and yes, it will have a more standard name this time around! Lesson learned there!).

#3: Most importantly, I proposed to Jodi today and she said yes (whew!)... so every moment not working on the above mentioned items will be spent with her!

That is all. Back in a couple weeks!